Our Scope


Decoration & Lighting

Curtains & Carpets

Bringing our years of experience in bespoke  hotel furniture production, we work collaboratively with hotels, arcihtecturial firms and develppers to bring their properties to life.

Our portfolio includes mix of hotel projects, from pioneering select service concepts, to soft brands, full brands, luxury hotel properties and independent boutique hotels as well as services apartments.

From the earliest shopdrawings and rendering, to installation on site, we support you at every stage of your project and offer bespoke production, with each detail customizable.


Bringing our creative, multi-disciplinary work style with our extensive hotel furniture production experience, we work with you to deliver stunning interiors that meet your aspirations, timescales and budgets for the project.

Creating pieces that enhance the human experience with unique products

Balancing innovation, design and performance we are manufacturing bespoke furniture, case-good and shopfit items, from initial shopdrawings to full production and installation, in a variety of highest quality materials and finishes.